Our Mission

The mission of the Professional Filipino Nurses Society (PFNS) is to provide local, national and global initiatives that will empower its members by:

  • Promoting holistic growth including physiological, spiritual, and professional advancement through continued education, practice and awareness programs;

  • Developing a network to provide support, counseling, and mentorship that fosters both personal and professional development; and

  • Enhancing the image of Filipino nurses by participating in activities and programs that further promote professionalism in the nursing practice.

  • Core Values

    The Professional Filipino Nurses Society (PFNS) has a commitment to champion and enhance the vital areas in the | read more

    City Council Honors PFNS


    PFNS Commendation Ceremony sponsored by Hon. Eric GarcettiCouncil President, City Council of Los Angeles. Photo Includes: Bernard Sanchez, President & Co-Founder, Kristina Ultra, Co-Founder, Faron Brindley, PCNLA CFO Preferred College of Nursing, Staff & Students.

    Board of Director's Meeting


    PFNS hold the first Board of Directors Meeting at Salakot Restaurant in Los Angeles. We are joined by the Officers, Board of Directors and supporters to discuss all the exciting events coming up for the rest of the year.